Amaze provides high quality and affordable kitchen appliances. The brand is well known for its unique and original products. The products are efficient and easy to use making life a lot easier. The kitchen appliances not only make your kitchen exquisite but also upgrades your culinary experience.

  • This cooker is suitable for all kitchen types.
  • The top bit is made of toughened glass adopting to modern kitchen cooker designs.
  • This cooker is a stand alone and very stable for any kitchen to use.
  • It ignites automatically when you turn the knob on.
  • Flame regulation is easy as the burners are whirlwind.
  • It has thickened and strengthened grills to withstand heavy weight.
  • The top is fitted with toughened glass which is designed to suite a kitchen set up.
  • The cooker can be inbuilt or placed as a tabletop.

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