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  MADE IN Turkey

  • 3 Gas+1 Hot Plate 1000W with Electric Oven
  • Pool burner / Jet valve for efficient GAS Consumption
  • Electric oven and grill 60cmx60cm WITH Turbo FAN
  • Rotisserie Mechanical Timer Thermostat Oven Lamp
  • Double Glass Oven Door 145mm 4-Pan Support,
  • Glass-TOP 1-Baking Pan, 1-Grid Self Auto ignition
  • Weight (Net /Gross Kg): 34/37
  • Storage Compartment MADE in Turkey

Comes With Oven Turbo FAN! Oven & Grill 


In simple terms, turbo ovens FAN are countertop convection ovens. This means that they use a fan to circulate the heated air over the food. The reason why they are popular is that they cook food faster than conventional ovens. They even cook food at a lower temperature thereby regulating the amount of energy you use.


BJ’s I-6011T Cooker gives you an opportunity to prepare your food in other ways other than direct cooking. By using the oven and grill, food acquires a stronger, sweeter and healthier flavour.

Self Auto-Ignition


No need to look for match sticks when using the gas burner. This cooker comes with Self Auto ignition.

Easy Cleaning


The surface material of this cooker makes it easy to clean. The panels are also removable so you can thoroughly clean.

Efficient cooking


This gas‎‐electric combo burner will help you cook your food perfectly every time‎.‎ The gas cooker provides even distribution of heat and emits less wasted heat than electric stoves, so light it up and get cooking‎. You can cook even when there is a power outage! ‎This cooker oven as deep tray, sturdy pan rest, adjustable legs for safety and convenience.


Black, Brown, Gray, Silver

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BJS Cooker 60X60 3-Gas +1 Hot Plate With Oven Turbo Fan,Unbreakable Top Glass.FREE DOOR DELIVERY
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