Computerized digital weighing scale suitable for all kinds of business such as butcheries, food, fruits, cereal shops, markets, farmers etc

This digital weighing scale can weigh up to 30 Kgs. It has a rechargeable battery, stainless steel.Two sided digital screen. It is easy to use and is durable.

  • Capacity: 30kg, Division: 5g
  • Input Voltage:    220V
  • Pan Size: 24*34CM
  • Display: LED or LCD “Weight””Unit Price”, “Total Price”
  • Function: Calculate Weight and Price
  • Power: AC/DC Power Supply, with 4v or 6v recharge battery
  • Load cell: 30kg load cell, 88X23X20MM
  • Packing: 560 X  380 X 380MM/

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