Hisense 10.5kgs WTJA1102T Top Load Washing Machine

Hisense 10.5KG Top Loader Washing Machine has a titanium crystal ash appearance.  The washer can detect and measure the laundry automatically, and optimize the washing conditions to save water and time. The Tub Clean and Self-programming function makes washing clothes easier and more convenient.

Optimize The Washing Conditions:

The washer can weigh the Laundry automatically to match the amount of water. It makes washing to be more convenient. You can keep track of the washing process at any time so that you can arrange other housework.

Freely Adjust Washing Parameters:

The special self-programming program allows you to adjust the water level, time, rinsing times, and spin time according to the number of clothes and the degree of soiling.

Extra Rinse:

The extra rinse function increases the number of rinsing cycles, reduce detergent residues, and cleans clothes deeply.

Tub Self-Clean:

Keep your Washer Fresh. The Hisense Tub Clean allows you to keep your washing machine in the best condition by giving it a deep clean.

Child Lock for Children:

It helps prevent accidental or unsupervised operations by children.

Saving Energy, Easy Washing:

A feature allowing you to load the machine and select your preferred washing end time. This is useful to avoid the unwanted noise of the machine at certain times in the day.

Easily Remove Stains:

Hisense’s Bubble Clean function can fully dissolve the detergent when passing through the water tank to produce rich and delicate bubbles, which can easily remove stains on clothes.

Automatically Detect Malfunctions:

In the unlikely event of a malfunction, Hisense self-diagnostic tools allow you to troubleshoot the machine yourself. The appliance will also automatically detect incorrect usage or product faults and alert you to protect your appliance from further damage.

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