The Hisense Cooling Only Air Conditioning unit is designed for cooling air in your home.  Say goodbye to that pedestal fan as the Hisense wall-mounted air conditioning unit keeps your home chilled throughout the year.

Sometimes the gentle hum of noise from an Air Conditioning unit can be distracting. Hence, that’s why every Hisense AS-18CR4SXATG02 18000 Btu Air Conditioner features Quiet Mode, which means you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, or a nap, without noise interference.

The anti-corrosion design features multiple protective layers that prevent rust from building up, no matter what weather the unit is exposed to.

Hisense AS-18CR4SXATG02 18000 Btu  Air Conditioning units are intuitive and intelligent. With I FEEL Mode, you’ll never have to adjust the temperature yourself. Additionally, the Hisense Air Conditioning remote features a built-in digital thermometer that adjusts the temperature of the room based on where the remote is located.

The Hisense AS-18CR4SXATG02 18000 Btu Air Conditioning unit features a Silver Ion Filter, which also is an antibacterial device that helps to keep the air free from bacteria and impurities.

The filter prevents the build-up of mold and is 99.99% effective in preventing E. coli, and 97.14% effective at preventing S. aureus, which is more commonly known as Staph.

Furthermore, by using 360° full DC inverter technology and an inner air duct, and an advanced louver fin, the unit offers a significant boost in energy efficiency, reducing power consumption.

In conclusion, with the push of a button, you can select Eco Mode which allows you to minimize power consumption.

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Hisense Air Conditioner AS-18CR4SXATG02 18000 Btu Air Conditioner
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