Everything about this TV is spectacular from its super bright and crisp 8K panel to the incredible contrasts that its Mini-LED backlighting produces.

The crisp picture is thanks to the Hisense U80H’s 75 inch 8K panel. Which contains around 33 million pixels – each of which can produce over 1 billion colors using Hisense’s Quantum Dot Colour Pro technology.

Hisense ULED TV with Quantum Dot Color displays the three primary colors.  Especially red and green – far more accurately than conventional LED TVs. Immerse yourself in breathtaking colors.

The Hisense 75 inch 75U80H Mini-LED ULED 8K TV is also equipped with deep-learning algorithms. And a Deep Neural Network that provide rapid image processing. And optimize the U80H tv for fast-moving scenes using its integrated Sports Mode. With the panel’s 120Hz Ultra Motion rate that made for a smooth viewing experience, be sure to enjoy even the most fast-paced sports.

With a peak brightness of 1000 nit, the Hisense U80H 75 inch TV can create breathtaking images with special HDR effects. Brilliant highlights bring colors and details out to an unbelievable level. Witness vivid, lifelike colors and detailed shadows, as the algorithm calculates different brightness levels precisely and effortlessly.

Thanks to the built-in far-field voice control module, controlling the TV is a lot easier. No need to search for your remote control anymore. The TV can hear what you said and do what you want at a distance of up to 5 meters.

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