The Hisense split air conditioner has a stylish modern look with its curved edges and near cylindrical frame.

When the voltage fluctuates between 150 to 264V, the Hisense AS12CR4SVETG07 AC can operate stably using the unique voltage mutation self-adaptive technology, which can effectively solve the problem of voltage mutation in the AC operating system. It ultimately improves the stability and increases the lifespan of the product.

The Hisense AS12CR4SVETG07 AC comes packed with ultra-wide frequency control technology, the unit intelligently regulates operating frequency according to the temperature variation of the environment. The control is more accurate (+-0.5°C) to prevent the room temperature from fluctuating and ultimately keep you comfortable.

The Hisense Air Conditioner AS12CR4SVETG07 has a unique weak magnetic technology that is used to operate at a high frequency under a high-temperature ambiance, which achieves greater cooling capacity and increases the cooling rate by 25%.

By using 3D inverter technology, combined with an optimized inner air duct and an advanced inner-grooved tube and louver fin, the Hisense AS12CR4SVETG07 AC gains a significant boost in energy efficiency that reduces your annual power consumption by 30%.

Based on the principles of airflow and acoustics, the inner air duct structure has been optimized to reduce noise. This technology effectively eliminates noise interference and allows your family to sleep undisturbed when operating at night.

Conveniently control your Hisense AS12CR4SVETG07 AC from anywhere in your home using a Wi-Fi connection and your mobile phone

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Hisense Air Conditioner AS12CR4SVETG07
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