Bottom-loading water dispensers have the vessel mounted at the bottom of the unit to make loading easier. The dispenser comes with a cap and hose that fit over the top of the bottle and extend down to the bottom, which connects to the bottled water jug and will pump up the water necessary to fill the tanks once you press down the tap. This water cooler has many features, including variable hot and cold temperature controls. More features include:

  • Sleek design- provides a neat, cleaner look and can blend more easily into your kitchen aesthetics
  • Easy to maintain- All that is needed to maintain the dispenser is cleaning it once a week and refilling the water bottles once they are finished. This is an easy task for anyone as it does not require much expertise.
  • Health friendly- reduces any strain from lifting the heavy jugs and prevents back injury.
  • Convenient to use- Dispensing water from a dispenser is so easy and even small kids can do it.
  • High quality
  • Easy to install-The installation of water coolers is straightforward. Replacing the water bottles is easy, and anyone can do it.
  • Easy to move and maneuver- These water dispensers do not require a lot of lifting, and the risk of spilling water is minimum.
  • Large and durable drip tray.
  • Food grade stainless steel (SUS304) hot tank and cooling tank.- does not impart odors or flavors like plastic can to your water, which means you get fresh and clean tasting drinking water. Keeps the water chilled.
  • Large LED display with touch screen controls.
  • Built-in leak detectors, secondary float, and pressure regulators

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