Get Nunix NU-T4 Home Theater System. LED Display. Bluetooth Enabled. FM Digital Radio. USB Support. AC-DC. Output Power 60Watts.

With digital FM radio, it is easy to automatically search and save channels using your remote control. In addition, you can use the remote to control the volume easily. Given that it is a small woofer, it will easily fit in tight spaces while it delivers rich deeper bass. In addition, it’s easy to set up.

Indeed, this is not your ordinary dull woofer speaker. This Nunix Bluetooth speaker will deliver music with a passion. It comes with a magical ambient lighting display that will allow you to immerse and feel the sound beats with its surround sound bass effects.

The Nunix 2.1 home theater is USB powered and comes with smart capabilities such as Bluetooth connectivity. Indeed, you do not need to put up with untidy wires that are cumbersome sometimes. This small subwoofer is powerful with an output of 60watts.  Fill your room with a balanced sound that takes all your worries away. Flow with music than never before with this cheap home theater system. Listen to the simple and natural sound with the unconstrained sound of the bass diaphragm.

Most importantly, these Nunix speakers are compatible with smartphones, MP3 Player, and other Androids devices.

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