Ramtons has partnered with Eureka Forbes to present the sleek and stylish RM/313 Nectar Purifier! Designed to ensure that your family gets Pure and Safe drinking water using a 100% chemical free technology, the tested and Certified, Positive Charge Technology passes water through an intricate mesh of positively charged nano fibres that remove all kinds of Bacteria, Virus, Cyst and other microbial contaminants. While its natural shut-off mechanism ensures ‘safe water or no water’ so you’ll know exactly when to replace your cartridge.

3 stage purification process
Particulate filter: Fine Micro fiber mesh removes all visible dirt and impurities
Sediment filter: Micro- fiber mesh removes dissolved impurities not visible to the human eye
Positive charge technology: Removes Bacteria, Viruses & microbial contaminants, also removes organic chemicals, bad odour & taste to give safe drinking water.
Replacement cartridge – RM/640 – order here; https://www.ramtons.com/forbes-nectar-cartridge-1500-liters-rm-640

  • Germ magnet
  • 20 liter storage so you don’t need to refill multiple times a day
  • Natural shut off
  • No virus, no bacteria, no cysts
  • Life of cartridge: 1500 Litres
  • Kills 99% of Bacteria & viruses
  • No electricity required
  • Purifies 1500L of water under standard conditions with one cartridge
  • Cartridge refills available for purchase
  • Purified water within seconds
  • Natural shut-off ensures Clean water on no water
  • Chemical-free technology ensures no chemical contamination
  • Simple cleaning process – hold particulate filter and sediment filter under running water

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Ramtons Forbes Nectar 1500 Liters Water Purifier – RM/313
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