One touch cooking. Simply press one of the 8 one-touch presets to get perfectly cooked food every time.

Want a healthy alternative to fried food? By using the Rebune Air Fryer, up to 85% less fat. The Rebune Air Fryer reduces food fat by up to 85%, you can freely enjoy the same flavors you would with traditional deep frying.

8 EASY FUNCTIONS: Our air fryer comes with 8 one-touch cooking functions, including 8 food-specific presets, a preheat option, and a keep warm option. Not sure how to cook something? Whether you want French fries, steak or chicken – we’ve got the prep for it.

Even Heating – Rebune unique cooking chamber ensures that the superheated air from the air fryer drawer circulates around your food, cooking it from all sides at the same time. This is facilitated by the air circulation lifter design to ensure that hot air cooks your food from every direction.

An air fryer can do more than just fry; It also grills, roasts, bakes and even reheats! The digital touch screen comes with 8 presets to make it easy to select the best temperature for cooking your food and the keep warm function ensures that your food is ready when you are. Cook up to (5 liter capacity) food at one time.

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Rebune Air Fryer, 9.2 Liter Healthy Thermal Air Fryer RE-11-038
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