Blue Flame With High Efficiency

Gas stoves are popular with homeowners because they provide efficient heat transfer with precise heat control. They heat cookware with flame from a burner. A properly adjusted gas stove burner burns with a blue flame.

Easy Cleaning

The surface material of this cooker makes it easy to clean. The panels are also removable so you can thoroughly clean.

Easy To Use

This glass standard 2-burner gas cooker is practical and easy to use.  It can stand on its own  and is very stable when you are cooking. It also ignites automatically when you turn the knob on.

Auto Ignition 

The Table Top Gas stove or gas cooker has an auto ignition feature for lighting the burner‎‎‎.‎‎‎Simply turn the burner knob to the desired flame size and the sparking is turned off automatically when the flame lights.

Cooked Perfectly Everytime

This gas‎‐burner will help you cook your food perfectly every time‎‎‎.‎‎‎  It provides even distribution of heat and emits less wasted heat than electric stoves‎‎‎.‎‎‎


  • 2 Burner Gas Stove
  • Gas Pipe Included
  • Glass Top finish
  • Metal plated burner
  • Auto Ignition
  • Strong body
  • Energy Saving

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