Start the day with hot water for your morning’s s tea or coffee with fast Sathiya Water heater Kettle. It is an essential electrical appliance you need at home, office, hotels, schools and other public places for you to get hot water at just a push of the button connected to electricity. It comes in a food-grade silver water heating coil compartment that is anti-rust with auto temperature control for hot water from the steel material. Get your desired status by using Sathiya Kettle to get hot water anywhere electricity is available.
This kettle features  a high-quality thermostat,  precise temperature controller which ensures automatic cut off when water reaches 100 degrees Celsius and a base design that is static to prevent movement while the kettle is boiling your water and hidden power line windings which save space. The base detaches to allow you to easily move your boiled water to where you need it easily.

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Sathiya Kettle1850W 1.8L Energy Efficient Electric Water Kettle Heater Jug
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